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At The Oversized Hoodie, we offer a wide range of hot water bottles for all needs and all tastes.

Thanks to our waterdryelectric or microwave hot water bottles, enjoy a

t1>warmthcomforting and relieveyour pain in complete safety.

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Our types of hot water bottles

Hot water bottle

The water bottle is a classic that is always effective. Filled with hot water, it provides prolonged natural heat. Practical and portable, take it everywhere to warm up.

Dry hot water bottle

The dry hot water bottle simply heats in the microwave . Ultra-portable, it is perfect on the go and warms you up instantly.

Electric hot water bottle

The electric hot water bottle heats up in a few minutes on the mains. You can precisely adjust the temperature for optimal comfort.

Microwave hot water bottle

The microwave hot water bottle is very easy to use: simply fill it with water and heat it in the microwave . Ready in 2 minutes!

Soft plush hot water bottle

Our plush or fleece furry hot water bottles offer the ultimate soft feeling. Their contact is a pure moment of relaxation.

Children's and baby's hot water bottle

The hot water bottle is an original and sweet gift to give to children and babies . Its warm and comforting touch soothes them to help them fall asleep and improve the quality of sleep .

Quality products specially designed for little ones, such as cuddly hot water bottles in the shape of a teddy bear or rabbit for example, give them a pleasant feeling of warmth . The hot water bottle can relieve pain related to teething or colic in infants.

Placed on the stomach, back or legs, it relaxes the muscles and provides immediate relief . Parents can thus calm babies ' cries and offer them a little comfort thanks to the gentle heat of the hot water bottle .

What are the benefits of using the hot water bottle?

Pain relief

The heat from hot water bottles helps relieve many pains :

  • Neck pain : heat relaxes the neck and relieves tension.

  • Period pain : the hot water bottle placed on the stomach or back soothes menstrual cramps.

  • Headaches and migraines : the heat from hot water bottles acts as a natural anti-inflammatory.

  • Stomach aches : the hot water bottle relieves stomach aches, colon aches and colic.

  • Back pain : placed on the back, the hot water bottle relaxes the contracted back muscles.

  • Muscle pain : heat activates blood circulation and relaxes sore muscles.

  • Joint pain : knees, hips, shoulders... heat relieves the joints.

The gentle heat of the hot water bottles acts as an anti-inflammatory and natural relaxant for rapid and effective relief .

Relaxation and sleep

Hot water bottles provide a pleasant sensation of heat which relaxes the muscles and promotes relaxation and sleep .

Hot and cold therapy

Alternately hot then cold , the hot water bottle is used in therapy to relieve pain and stimulate blood circulation.

Selection tips

How to choose your hot water bottle?

To choose your hot water bottle , take into account the main use (relieving pain, relaxing, warming up, hot/cold therapy, etc.), as well as criteria of practicality and comfort.

Which hot water bottle to choose?

The water bottle is ideal for regular use at home. The dry or microwave hot water bottle is more practical on the go.

What is the best type of hot water bottle?

It depends on your needs: the electric hot water bottle heats up very quickly but the water hot water bottle retains heat better.

Where do you buy a hot water bottle?

At The Oversized Hoodie, discover a wide choice of quality hot water bottles , all soft and comforting.

Precautions and safety

To guarantee the safety of our customers, our hot water bottles comply with current British standards:

  • Standard BS 1970:2012 : It specifies the requirements and test methods for rubber and PVC hot water bottles . It covers manufacturing, construction, performance and safety. This standard aims to ensure safe, quality hot water bottles , with guidelines on material strength, maximum capacity, heat resistance and instructions for use to minimize the risk of burns .

  • Standard BS 8433:2004 : It concerns microwaveable heating pads . It establishes safety requirements for design, manufacture and instructions for use to protect against fire and burn hazards . It ensures that heating products are safe in a domestic environment.

These standards help ensure the safety and quality of heating products . By respecting them, we are committed to the satisfaction and safety of our customers.

Can you put a hot water bottle in the microwave?

It is not recommended to put a water bottle in the microwave , as this presents significant risks. The rubber or PVC container could melt or explode if heated, causing a fire or injury hazard.

To heat your hot water bottle , it is best to use hot tap water . If you have a dry hot water bottle , this can be safely reheated in the microwave .

Whatever the model, read the precautions carefully before use and follow the manufacturer's instructions for safe use .

Precautionary measures

Accordingly, we also recommend:

  • Do not put a hot water bottle in the microwave unless explicitly authorized: not all models are intended to be used in the microwave.
  • Do not overfill to avoid leaks and therefore the risk of burning .
  • Check the temperature before use so as not to fill your kettle with boiling water
  • Do not leave within reach of children without adult supervision

Buying a hot water bottle: a well-being and comforting gift

The hot water bottle is the ideal gift that is sure to please. Offer a moment of relaxation to your loved ones and take care of them with the gentle warmth of our hot water bottles.

Order the hot water bottle of your dreams now on The Oversized Hoodie for moments of absolute well-being !

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