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Expérimentez la douceur et le confort ultime avec notre collection exclusive de pyjamas pilou pilou ! Lire la suite

Le pilou pilou est un tissu iconique qui offre une chaleur exceptionnelle et un toucher incroyablement doux. Cette matière phare est faite de coton peigné pour vous envelopper d'une douceur incomparable du sommet de la tête jusqu'aux pieds.

Chez nous, le pyjama en pilou pilou est notre pièce maîtresse : nous proposons une large gamme de modèles aux coupes stylées pour toute la famille. De la combinaison aux ensembles composés de hauts à manches longues et de pantalons, ces tenues cocooning sont parfaites pour les soirées détente à la maison, les nuits réparatrices et les matinées douillettes.

Fabriqués dans notre atelier avec le plus grand soin, nos pyjamas en pilou pilou sont synonymes de qualité irréprochable et de finition impeccable. Les coutures sont travaillées pour un maintien et un confort optimaux.

Alors n'hésitez plus, offrez-vous le cocon douillet dont vous rêvez avec nos pyjamas pilou pilou. Ils sauront vous accompagner toutes les saisons, des soirées cocooning aux matinées fraîches. Une valeur sûre à glisser dans votre garde-robe ! Réduire

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The collection of high quality Pilou Pilou pajamas

Pilou Pilou pajamas are known for their exceptional comfort thanks to their signature pilou fabric which ideally preserves body heat . The major advantage of the pilou is its ability to maintain temperature and keep warm all night when you are in the arms of morphée . This textile fiber is synonymous with well-being , relaxation , cocooning and restful sleep at home.

Our high-quality range of Pilou Pilou pajamas for women , men , children and babies has been designed down to the smallest detail to provide you with optimal comfort and incomparable softness all year round. Indeed, the soft and breathable material of the pilou is perfect for both the cold seasons and the inter-seasons . Whether you're looking for warm pajamas for winter or a light model for spring, you're sure to find what you're looking for in our large Pilou Pilou collection !

Varieties of Pilou Pilou pajamas for the whole family

Pilou Pilou pajamas for women

At Pilou Pilou, women are in the spotlight! We offer a complete range of women's pilou pajamas available from XS to XXL , to suit all body shapes . You will find elegant , casual , sexy or romantic models, always in a trendy style that flatters the figure . Pilou pilou pajamas for women are the ultimate must-have for chic and comfortable pampering evenings .

Pilou Pilou pajamas for men

Gentlemen, we have not forgotten to think of you! Discover our selection of men's pajamas in pilou fabric with fitted cuts that perfectly fit the masculine shape . Elegant models in sober colors, as well as casual pajamas with fun patterns for a confident casual style. Pilou pilou pajamas for men are the new fashion essential that combines style and comfort !

Pilou Pilou pajamas for boys

Make your boys happy with our adorable pilou pilou pajamas! Comfortable and soft , our models are available from 3 months to 16 years to support the growth of baby into teenager. We offer pretty pajamas with fun patterns , trendy colors and children's favorite licenses , so your boy will have a blast !

Pilou Pilou pajamas for girls

Delight your little princesses with our magnificent pilou pilou pajamas for girls ! Glamorous models in powdery colors, romantic or magical prints, licenses of their favorite Disney heroines ... Something to make everyone happy! Pilou pajamas for girls are the perfect combination of style , comfort and femininity .

Pilou Pilou pajamas for babies

From a very young age, offer your babies all the well-being of pilou pilou pajamas! Specially designed for infants aged 0 to 24 months, our pilou models are Oeko-Tex certified for optimal safety . Their seams are rounded and their pressures are adjustable for gentle support. Their breathable and thermo-regulating material guarantees peaceful nights for baby.

Our limited editions of pilou pilou pajamas

At Pilou Pilou, we like to surprise our customers by regularly renewing our collection of pajamas with exclusive limited editions ! Discover our special series for a unique and collector's style.

Pilou pilou animal pajamas

Fall for our pilou pilou animal pajamas , unique pieces that will delight animal lovers !

Pilou pilou rabbit pajamas

Wrap yourself in the softness of the rabbit with these collector pajamas! Its large stylized ears will add a cute touch to your nightwear.

Pilou pilou unicorn pajamas

Let yourself be carried away into the magical world of the unicorn with these pilou pajamas in pastel shades. A true princess's dream !

Pilou pilou pajamas 2 pieces

Tired of traditional pajamas? Discover our 2-piece pilou sets for a casual chic style! Skirt and top, shorts and tank top... It's up to you!

Pilou pilou pajamas large size

Are you looking for pilou pilou pajamas in large sizes ? We have thought of you with our special collection in 4XL and 5XL . The comfort of pilou without any complexes !

Pilou pilou Christmas pajamas

Immerse yourself in the magic of Christmas with our pilou pajamas with festive designs! Snowflakes, snowy fir trees, funny elves... Collector's items to give as a gift or to treat yourself !

Sexy pilou pilou pajamas

Dare to be sensual with our sexy pilou models, perfect for naughty romantic nights ! Necklines, transparencies, lace... Play the seduction card gently !

Disney pilou pilou pajamas

Disney fans will fall for our officially licensed Pilou Pilou pajamas! Find your favorite characters - Mickey, Minnie, the princesses... - on these collector's pieces !

Harry Potter pilou pilou pajamas

Sorcerer's apprentices are asking for more with these Harry Potter x Pilou Pilou pajamas! Gryffindor, Slytherin and co. will meet in your dormitories for the sweetest night at Hogwarts.

How to choose the right Pilou Pilou pajamas?

Are you still unsure about which model of pilou pilou pajamas is right for you? Here are our wise tips for choosing your next favorite pajamas.

The comfort of pajamas

The pilou pilou pajamas stand out above all for their exceptional comfort . Choose a model in which you feel perfectly comfortable . Prefer loose pajamas with fitted cuts for the ultimate cocooning feeling. Also choose a soft , lightweight fabric for an incomparably soft feeling against your skin.

The choice of size

To fully enjoy your pilou pajamas, it is essential to choose the right size . Neither too tight nor too wide! Consult our size correspondence table and wearing advice to find the shoe that fits you. Well-fitted pajamas will provide optimal support all night long.

Pajamas maintenance

To preserve the qualities of your pilou pilou pajamas, it is important to follow our care instructions : wash cold and dry flat to avoid any shrinkage. Check the label for the exact composition and washing instructions for your model. Well-maintained pajamas will last for many years!

The style of pajamas

Finally, choose Pilou Pilou pajamas whose style suits you! Trendy colors, original prints, glamorous details... Everyone has their own preferences! Don't hesitate to dare to find the model that suits you and in which you will feel good . Pajamas are an essential part of your cocooning outfits , they must reflect your personality !

Understanding the origin of Pilou Pilou pajamas

Pilou , a soft fiber par excellence, is at the origin of the success of Pilou Pilou pajamas. But do you know where this fabric comes from? Pilou takes its name from the English “ pile ”, which refers to the down resulting from shaving fabrics. It is this thin layer of hair that gives the pilou its soft and fluffy texture.

Pilou was first used to make warm clothing such as sweaters and sweatshirts . Then it invaded the nightwear market thanks to its thermoregulatory properties, ideal for keeping warm. Today, pilou has established itself as THE flagship material for cozy pajamas!

What is Pilou Pilou pajama fabric?

The Pilou Pilou pajamas owe their name to their signature material , the famous pilou . But actually, what is pilou ? Pilou fabric refers to a blend of carded cotton with synthetic fibers – usually polyester .

This mix gives the pilou very advantageous properties for pajamas:

  • Polyester increases the thermal capacity of the fabric for better heat retention .

  • The addition of microfibers provides this soft sensation that is so pleasant to the touch.

  • The pilou resists washing well and retains its fluffy appearance for a long time.

In short, it is THE ideal material for comforting pajamas that maintain optimal body temperature all night long. Hence the success of Pilou Pilou pajamas!

Where to find pilou-pilou pajamas: The Oversized Hoodie, boutique specializing in pilou pilou clothing

Are you seduced by the ultimate comfort of pilou and would you like to purchase Pilou Pilou pajamas? Visit our store The Oversized Hoodie , the pilou textile specialist .

Jacket and vest in Pilou Pilou

Stay warm all day long with our cozy pilou fabric jackets and vests ! Their microfiber interior lining envelops you in softness .

Sweater and Sweatshirt in Pilou Pilou

Immerse yourself in a cocoon of well-being with our pilou pullovers and sweatshirts . Their fleece knits are ideal for cocooning at home.

Jumpsuits and sets in Pilou Pilou

Fall for the pilou combi trend ! Our jumpsuits and sets (pants + matching top) will dress you in softness from head to toe.

Adult jumpsuit

Stay stylish with our women's and men's jumpsuits with trendy cuts and original prints!

Children's jumpsuit

Delight your little ones with our adorable children's jumpsuits with fun designs that they won't want to take off!

Combination for couples

For a matching couture effect, opt for our couple and family sets! Ideal for souvenir photos .

Women's dressing gown in Pilou Pilou

Treat yourself to a moment of relaxation in this incredibly soft and comfortable women's pilou dressing gown .

Pilou Pilou pants

Stay stylish with our pilou fabric pants and joggers with trendy cuts! The comfort of pajamas in a casual style .

So, convinced by the pilou ? Don't hesitate any longer, go to our online store and treat yourself with our Pilou Pilou pajamas !

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