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🏆 The N°1 stuffed slipper on Trustpilot!

✨ Stylish synthetic suede
☁️ Premium faux fur
🧸 Vegan | cruelty free
💎 High-end quality and excellence
🇫🇷 French company | Paris & Toulouse

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Imagine the pleasure of slipping your feet into these soft fur-lined slippers after a long day. The enveloping comfort of fur which warms and soothes your feet, is a promise of relaxation and well-being at home.

A perfect marriage of softness, warmth and style, to keep your feet comfortable and stylish, whether indoors or outdoors

Modern and elegant design for a refined look
Synthetic suede refined in beige
• Perfect for relaxing moments at home

Collection collant Fourré de The Oversized Hoodie

Soft and warm fur
Non-slip sole for maximum safety
Resistant material for long-lasting use

• Ergonomic design for optimal support of the foot
Flexible sole and welcoming
• Easy to put on for immediate comfort

High quality manufacturing for increased durability
Fur dense and resistant, designed to last
Easy maintenance for impeccable cleanliness and hygiene

With these warm slippers for women and men, you can treat yourself to a moment of relaxation, while adding a touch of elegance to your casual outfit.

⭐ Choose quality
🎁 The perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones
✅ Order now: your feet will thank you!

Size guide

The fur of our slippers being relatively dense and full, you will receive the larger size to perfectly match your size.

So be sure to choose your usual size when ordering.

For example, if you order your slippers in 36-37, you will receive a 38-39 which will fit you like a "glove". 😉

  • Non-slip TPR sole
  • Synthetic suede
  • Synthetic fur
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chaussons fourrés et chauds pour toute la famille

Warm slipper for the whole family: women, men and children

Are you looking for furry slippers that really warm the feet of the whole family? Which wrap your feet in a cocoon of softness as soon as you put them on?

Our slippers are made for you!

Thanks to their thick and fluffy synthetic fur , they keep constant warmth inside, even children 's sensitive or fragile feet . Enough to face the coldest evenings of winter!

Their non-slip sole ensures stability and support: no more slipping on the tiles!

chausson vegan hiver femme homme

Our fur-lined slippers: an ethical and comfortable alternative

Are you looking for stylish and comfortable slippers , but you are hesitant to buy animal fur?

You will love our pairs of fur-lined slippers !

They combine the best of both worlds: soft and silky appearance of fur, and 100% synthetic skin liner .

Our faux fur is vegan and ethical : no animal suffering in its design.

Its incredibly soft texture molds to the shape of your feet and keeps them warm all winter long .

And its maintenance is very easy compared to real fur!

You get all the style , comfort and benefits of fur slippers, without animal cruelty.

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FAQ about the fur-lined slipper

Do your slippers fit your feet?

Yes, our soft slippers are designed to fit your feet well!

Thanks to their ergonomic design and reinforced seams , our slippers provide optimal support.

Their non-slip TPR sole also provides good grip.

Do you make fur-lined slippers for men?

Of course ! Our mixed slipper models are for men and women .

Each pair and each model has been subjected to numerous pressure tests , in particular to ensure impeccable durability , especially for men, who are heavier.

Our men's slippers are available from 35 to 45.

Is this the right size?

Yes, we advise you to take your usual size.

As the fur is dense, you will receive the next size up for the perfect fit.

Why wear slippers?

Slippers provide many benefits!

They protect and warm the feet , absorb perspiration , absorb shock and relieve pain .

They also help prevent dirt on the floor.

In short, they are everyday comfort allies!

What are the most comfortable slippers?

Our fur-lined slippers are considered the most comfortable by many customers and here's why!

The natural suppleness of synthetic suede provides a very pleasant sensation, close to that of leather or sheepskin . Its soft texture perfectly matches the contours of the foot for optimal support and absence of pressure points.

The comfortable thickness of the faux fur inside effectively insulates against cold or heat depending on the season.

It also absorbs perspiration from the feet very well thanks to its airy structure: an interesting and more economical alternative than real sheep's wool and its natural fiber.

The TPR sole ideally cushions all shocks when walking, relieving pain in heels, ankles or knees. Its non-slip texture provides stability and grip.

Buy yours before stock runs out !

What is the difference between slippers and slippers?

Slippers generally have a thinner sole than slippers.

They are lighter and more airy , ideal for indoor use.

The slippers have a thicker and more protective sole , also suitable for a quick trip outside.

Which slipper for summer?

For summer, we recommend the sock slipper or the espadrille slipper .

They are breathable, absorb sweat well and stay cool even in high heat.

Their flexible sole adapts perfectly to the shape of the foot.

How to maintain fur-lined slippers?

To ensure that your slippers keep you warm as long as possible, good maintenance is necessary:

  • Gently brush the fur with a soft brush to remove dust and lint
  • Hand wash in cold water with delicate soap if necessary
  • Dry in the open air , away from a heat source
  • Apply an impregnating cream from time to time to nourish the leather or suede , always paying particular attention to the seams .

By taking good care of your slippers , they can easily accompany you for several winters.

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