100% Natural Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

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🍀 100% silk / 100% natural
🧵 Pure mulberry silk (the queen of silks)
✨ 22 momme, grade 6A (highest grade)
🏆 Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification
💎 High-end quality and excellence
🇫🇷 French company | Paris & Toulouse

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Imagine the pleasure of resting your head on an incredibly soft silk pillowcase. Imagine your skin gliding delicately over this silky natural tissue, your face perfectly hydrated and nourished.

It is a promise of well-being and natural beauty thanks to the perfect marriage between softness, comfort and quality: ideal for spending time restorative nights and wake up with radiant skin.

- Hydrates and nourishes the skin thanks to its 18 amino acids
- Prevents acne, wrinkles and skin aging
- Fabric hypoallergenic ideal for sensitive skin

- Protects against brittle hair, ends and t1146>knots
- Anti-static electricity: goodbye to tousled hair!
- Maintains hydration and radiance lengths

- Texture soft and breathable, does not cause perspiration
- Thermo-regulating, ideal in summer and winter
- Promotes falling asleep and relaxation

- 22 momme silk, grade 6A: the most high quality
- Dyeing vegetable
, hypoallergenic
- Color brilliant sublime
- Comfort and resistance high-end

Much more than a simple bedding accessory, the silk pillowcase becomes your beauty ally to preserve your skin and hair night after night.

💎 Make the choice of quality (certified & labeled)
🎁 A precious gift for those we love
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  • 100% soie de mûrier
  • 22 Momme
  • Grade 6A
  • Soie certifiée Oeko-Tex® : 0 produit chimique, 0 produit toxique
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Bienfaits Taie d'oreiller en soie de mûrier

Why use a silk pillowcase? What are its benefits ?

Silk provides many benefits:

  • It is moisturizing and nourishing for the skin and hair thanks to its composition.
  • Its soft and silky texture offers a pleasant touch.
  • It regulates temperature and stays fresh in summer and  warm in winter.
  • It allows the skin to breathe naturally for restful sleep.
  • Its antibacterial properties make it a protection against dust mites and allergens.
  • It is a resistant material that retains its shape and color well.

In short, silk provides a t1>optimal comfort for quality sleep.

Taie d'oreiller en soie de mûrier 100% naturelle

How to choose the right silk pillowcase?

Silk is a great option for a comfortable and luxurious pillowcase. To choose well, you must consider:

  • The momme: the higher it is, the thicker and durable the silk is. We recommend 19, 22 or 25 momme.
  • The origin: opt for organic silk or Oeko-Tex for better quality. French or artisanal silk is a guarantee of excellence.
  • weaving: prefer silk woven in one piece for more resistance.
  • The format: adapt the dimensions to the size of your pillow for a perfect fit.
Taie d'oreiller en soie de mûrier 22 mommes

Silk pillowcase: how many mommes?

For a high quality silk pillowcase, we recommend a 19 or 25 momme.

  • The 19 momme offers good value for money. The silk is quite thick and durable.
  • The 22 momme is our benchmark. With its exceptional finenessand resistance, it is the ultimate in luxury and quality.
  • The 25 momme is the ultimate benchmark in terms of luxury and resistance. It is the most prestigious silk.

If your budget is limited, 16 momme may be suitable, but the durability over time will be less. Avoid 12 momme that is too thin and fragile.


Which silk pillowcase to choose?

For a high-end silk pillowcase, choose:

  • Silk 19, 22 or 25 mommes, for good thickness and resistance.
  • Silk French or from the cradle of silk or artisanal, synonymous with know-how and superior quality.
  • A brand specializing in high-end products like The Oversized Hoodie, which offers a wide choice.
  • Dimensions adapted to your pillow and a practical closing system.
  • Elegant colors and patterns for a decorative touch in your room.

Which pillowcase to avoid damaging your hair?

To preserve your hair, choose a high-quality silk product.

Silk is very soft and does not cause friction or knots which damage the hair fiber. In addition, it hydrates and nourishes the hair thanks to its unique composition. A 25 momme silk model with a tight weave will provide you with optimal protection.

What is the best material for a pillowcase?

For us, silk is the best choice for a pillowcase compared to cotton, satin or percale.

Silk is softer   and silky, it regulates temperature better, it is resistant and durable, and its virtues for skin and hair are unmatched. Satin is a good, less expensive alternative, but does not provide all the benefits of silk.

Silk or satin pillowcase?

Silk is superior to satin for a pillowcase. Although satin is soft and nice, it doesn't regulate temperature as well. Additionally, silk provides more benefits for skin and hair thanks to its unique natural composition.

We recommend silk for truly luxurious care, sustainable and beneficial in the long term. However, satin remains an interesting option if you have a more limited budget.

Silk pillowcase: what brand?

At The Oversized Hoodie we are proud to offer very high quality silk pillowcases.

Our pillowcases pillow are made from 22 momme grade 6A silk that we import directly from China, the historic cradle of silk.

This noble material benefits from Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification, to guarantee you a healthy textile free of harmful substances.

Our products are distinguished by their finesse, their resistance and their exceptional silky touch. They are available in a wide range of trendy colors to match all interiors.

On our online store, you can discover our collection of pillowcases in premium silk and place an order in a few clicks to receive them directly at your home.

How to install a silk pillowcase aesthetically?

To highlight a beautiful silk pillowcase and add a decorative touch to your bedroom, here are some tips:

  • Choose a pillowadapted to the size of the pillowcase, neither too small nor too large, for an optimal fit.
  • Place the pillow well in the center of the pillowcase, smoothing out the creases.
  • Make the pillowcase extend slightly by about 5 cm on each side for a slimming effect.
  • Mark a pretty fold or ruffle on the top to structure the pillowcase.
  • Play on textures by combining them with plain or patterned bed linen.
  • Create color gradients with your pillowcases and bedding.
  • Harmoniously arrange several pillowcases on the bed for a coherent whole.
  • Vary the materials and patterns throughout the seasons: plain in winter, printed in spring...

With these few decorating tips, your

t1>pillowcase will enhance your room with refinement and elegance.

How to wash your silk pillowcase?

To preserve your silk pillowcase, wash it by hand with a mild shampoo or diluted Marseille soap. Use lukewarm water, do not scrub vigorously. Rinse carefully.

Avoid the washing machine, aggressive detergent products and the dryer which risk damaging the silk. Dry flat, in the open air, in the shade. Iron if necessary with a warm iron on the reverse side.

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