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Let yourself be seduced by the comfort, the softness and the warmth of our pilou pilou clothing! Read more

The Pilou pilou is the latest fashion trend which is becoming more and more popular.

With our soft clothes in pilou pilou, you will be at the cutting edge of fashion. Whether you're a man or woman looking for a must-have piece for your wardrobe, we've got you covered.

Our sweaters, jacketsvests and pilou pilou coats are perfect for mid-season. Their soft materials will bring you warmth and comfort. They are ideal for relaxing at home near the fireside or for evenings with friends. Their loose cut will give you great freedom of movement.

Our pajamas and pilou pilou nightwear wrap your body in a great softness as soon as you slip under the duvet. They will allow you to join the morphée arms in complete relaxation.

Our pairs of socks and together head to toe in pilou pilou are perfect for staying warm even outdoors in open air.

All our clothing pilou pilou  are of high quality and available for men and women. They will become essential basics in your wardrobe. ! Collapse

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What is Pilou Pilou? Everything you need to know about this subject

Pilou pilou is a soft and fluffy fabric used mainly for cocooning clothing. It is known for its pleasant touch, its fluffy appearance and its ability to keep warm. The term refers to both the fabric and the clothing made with it.

Definition of Pilou Pilou

The pilou pilou is a textile that we find more and more in our daily lives. Indoor clothing, accessories, bed linen... This soft and warm material has established itself as THE cocooning trend par excellence.

But do you really know what pilou pilou is? Where is he from ? How is it made? How to maintain it? So many questions that we will answer in this article to help you discover this fabric with astonishing properties.

The characteristics of Pilou Pilou

Composition and material of Pilou Pilou clothing

The pilou is generally made of polyester or flannel . But we also find blends with cotton or wool. These materials give the fabric its insulating properties and soft feel.

The fluffy appearance comes from the fact that the fabric is shaved on one side. It forms like little clouds that give this fluffy feeling when touched.

Properties and benefits

The main characteristics of pilou pilou are:

  • Its great sweetness
  • Its very warm and insulating side
  • Its pleasant and soft touch

This is why it is ideal for interior clothing and everything related to the cocooning world. The pilou pilou for women provides a feeling of comfort and well-being. We want to bundle up in them during the long , cold winter days!

Varieties and styles

There are different types of pilou:

  • The short pilou : simple and short
  • The curly pilou : thicker curls
  • The long pilou : long fur-effect hair

Each one brings a different sensation and visual rendering. The short pilou is more sober while the curly and long ones play the card of the cozy and voluminous aspect.

Origin of pilou pilou

The pilou pilou has its origins at the beginning of the 20th century. At this time, textile manufacturers began to develop techniques to obtain softer and fluffier fabrics.

It is by mechanically shaving the surface of the fabrics that we obtain these small hairs so characteristic of the pilou. The first pilou clothing appeared in the 1920s. The term “pilou-pilou” appeared in the 1960s, in reference to the particular feel of this textile.

Pilou pilou is not just a fabric, it is an entire art of living. It represents well-being, relaxation and the softness of a protective cocoon.
— Geoffrey, Founder of The Oversized Hoodie®

The manufacture of pilou pilou fabric

The process for making pilou pilou fabric is as follows:

  1. Spinning of polyester or blended fibers
  2. Weaving to obtain the base textile
  3. Shaving one side to reveal curls
  4. Possible felting to give more volume

It is this shaving step, carried out with rollers bristling with small blades, which gives the fabric its characteristic appearance. A treatment can also make it softer .

Maintenance of pilou pilou fabric

Fortunately, maintaining the pilou pilou is quite simple:

  • Machine wash at 40°C maximum
  • Drying in the open air
  • Gentle ironing if necessary
  • Dry cleaning possible

Avoid putting it in the dryer as the heat could damage the fibers. Choose to dry flat to keep the curls soft.

The Pilou Pilou in fashion

The pilou has established itself in many clothing categories, including:

Pilou Pilou Sweater

The ultimate winter trend, the pilou pilou sweater brings warmth and comfort on cool days. We choose it loose and soft for maximum comfort.

Pajamas in Pilou Pilou

For cozy evenings , there's nothing like cozy and soft pilou pilou pajamas . Pair it with matching slippers for the softest winter ensemble.

Pilou Pilou Jacket

The pilou pilou jacket or jacket will effectively insulate from the cold while remaining stylish. A basic to have in your wardrobe come fall.

Pilou Pilou Coat

The pilou coat plays the card of originality and casual style. Perfect for low temperatures, it becomes a fashion essential.

Bathrobe in Pilou Pilou

The pilou pilou bathrobe is the ultimate cocooning accessory. When you get out of the bath or shower, put on this soft bathrobe for a moment of pure relaxation. Its pleasant touch and its ability to retain heat will envelop you in softness .

Pilou Pilou jumpsuit

The full body suit or the famous pilou pilou kigurumi allows you to be bundled up from head to toe . Perfect for keeping warm in winter while remaining stylish. The pilou pilou provides great freedom of movement .

Slipper in Pilou Pilou

Pilou pilou slippers take care of your feet thanks to their soft lining. They will accompany you during your moments of relaxation.

Socks in Pilou Pilou

In winter, opt for pilou pilou socks! Your feet will be warm and you will find at home this soft comfort which gives all the charm of the pilou.

Pilou Pilou slippers

Slippers are the key accessory for staying warm at home. The pilou pilou model, thanks to its down lining, will keep you wonderfully protected from the cold . Your feet will thank you!

Gloves Pilou Pilou

You will enjoy putting on these pilou pilou gloves on the cooler days. They will gently protect your hands from the cold. Essential for the first days of winter .

The pilou pilou combines style and comfort. It proves that you can be trendy while prioritizing your well-being.
— Geoffrey, Founder of The Oversized Hoodie®

pilou pilou clothing store

Ultimately, the pilou pilou stands out as a flagship textile, trendy, comfortable and insulating. Its properties make it the ideal fabric for interior clothing and cozy outfits, both summer and winter. So don't hesitate to adopt the pilou pilou for maximum softness!

Type of Clothing Composition Features Use
Pilou Pilou sweater Polyester/Flannel Soft, Fluffy Winter clothing
Pilou Pajamas Pilou Polyester/Flannel Warm, Comfortable Cocooning nightwear
Pilou Pilou Jacket Polyester/Flannel Insulating, Stylish Outerwear
Pilou Pilou Coat Polyester/Flannel Original, Casual Protection against the cold
Pilou Pilou bathrobe Polyester/Flannel Soft, Absorbent Comfort after bathing
Pilou Pilou jumpsuit Polyester/Flannel Warm, Freedom of movement Full cocooning outfit


How to wash a pilou-pilou sweater?

It is recommended to wash pilou pilou sweaters by hand or in the washing machine at a maximum temperature of 30°C. Use a delicate program and a mild detergent suitable for synthetic textiles.

Avoid putting your pilou pilou sweater in the dryer, the heat could damage the fibers. To keep the curls soft, dry your sweater flat in the open air. Gentle ironing can be done if necessary.

Where to buy a pilou pilou?

You can easily buy pilou pilou clothing and accessories in our online store. We offer a wide range of high-quality pilou pilou products: sweaters, pajamas, jackets, bathrobes, etc.

Let yourself be seduced by the comfort, softness and warmth of our pilou pilou clothing! We are THE reference for pilou pilou in France. Order now on our site to receive your pilou pilou product quickly!

Where to find pilou-pilou?

Pilou pilou clothing and accessories are easily found in ready-to-wear stores, household linen stores or on e-commerce sites. Brands specializing in textiles also offer their own pilou collection.

Why do we say pilou-pilou?

The name comes from the sound the fabric makes when rubbed, a bit like a dog's fur being stroked. The term “pilou” evokes this pleasant sensation of touch.

What are pilou-pilou pajamas?

Pilou-pilou pajamas designate pajamas made from this fabric, recognizable by its soft and plush appearance. It keeps you warm and its pleasant feel makes it a very popular cocooning garment .

What is the difference between pilou pilou for women and pilou pilou for men?

There is no real difference between pilou pilou for women and men, apart from the style and cut of the clothing. The pilou pilou fabric is the same.

However, there are more feminine models with fitted cuts and more delicate patterns. Pilou pilou pajamas, dressing gowns and accessories for women often feature lace and romantic prints.

The men's models adopt straighter cuts and sober colors, with fewer frills. But in both cases, the pilou pilou provides comfort and candy ! The main thing is to choose a model in which you feel good.

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