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Choose quality and style to brave the cold with panache.

Each pair of fleece-lined tights is carefully designed to provide an unparalleled experience. With a soft texture and optimal thermal insulation, they are the ideal companion for cold days.

With our selection of transparent and opaque polar tights, no longer make any compromise between style and functionality; choose the quality and elegance that define our collection. Let yourself be seduced by the ultimate comfort. Collapse

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Warm and soft fleece tights are an essential in a woman's wardrobe , yet they are far from always appreciated. The problem comes mainly from the most traditional models. Once put on, they are never comfortable and the slightest movement is hampered by the tights that go up, slide...

Each year they are replaced by others. The tights market is booming and many models have been developed. From a pair of anti-cold fleece tights to glamorous tights, from sports tights to sexy tights to fancy and fishnet tights… the choices are multiple and it is above all a fashion choice.

Which fleece tights to choose?

It is important to choose your transparent fleece-lined tights according to your lifestyle, the way you dress, and also the season and the weather you wear them.

Choosing the right underwear is very important. It's what will keep you warm, and it can be more or less comfortable. In fact, most people are not as knowledgeable as one might think. Most people just grab the first fleece liner they find in a store. But before doing that, it is essential to educate yourself on the different types of fleece tights available. You don't want to buy a sheer, warm fleece tight that's too small or too big, not comfortable enough, or not soft enough.

There are many choices of sheer fleece tights for women on the market. Women usually wear sleeveless fleece tights in summer, and they don't look very good with sleeves. The choice of your fleece tights will depend on the season and the weather you wear them. If you prefer a fleece tight with sleeves, then the ideal is to buy one for the winter.

Transparent fleece tights are one of the basic pieces of winter clothing. From our range, choose the right product, warm, soft and transparent according to your style and your needs, and you will be sure to have a lot of fun wearing them.

Which tights material to choose?

Warm wool tights

Among all the models of tights, we also find the transparent wool tights: they are perfect for women who have problems with the cold . Wool tights are models that are very warm and evacuate heat easily. The choice is very wide and there are several models to be found on the market.

They are perfect for those who have problems with the cold. The models of anti-cold tights are perfect for all women who have problems with the cold.

Wool tights are models that are very warm and evacuate heat easily, which helps to avoid excessive heat indoors. The choice is very wide and there are several models to be found on the market.

Warm cotton tights

Cotton tights are very comfortable garments. It covers the legs while letting them breathe. In addition, it is elegant and is not difficult to wear . There are many different models. Some are decorated with patterns, others are black, white or colored. Some are even transparent! It is very important to choose the right tights according to your tastes and the type of environment in which you will find yourself.

Soft silk tights

The silk tights are the most elegant, with a particular mention on the fragility: these can actually be a little more fragile than other types of tights. Silk is the finest, softest and purest natural fiber . It has been used since ancient times. It is sure that it has not lost its charm over time. Silk tights are still an essential piece of women's clothing today. For example, the opaque silk tights are very comfortable and allow women to wear short skirts while maintaining an elegant and neat style. There are also various types of silk tights that can be worn for special occasions such as weddings or ceremonies.

Warm anti-cold tights

Among the most interesting novelties are the warm anti-cold winter tights. It protects against the cold and keeps the legs warm. Indeed, it is made of a material that evacuates heat . Thanks to this material, the legs are kept warm without the need to add stockings. The anti-cold fleece inner tights are available in several models and the choice ranges from classic models to more original models. The warm anti-cold tights are perfect for the chilly type of woman who has problems with the cold.

What are the most comfortable tights?

The most comfortable pairs and models are those that have a softening effect on the legs . This effect can be achieved by using special materials such as wool. But it is also possible to obtain it with synthetic fibers such as polyamide.

Among the most comfortable winter tights, we find warm thick knit tights that are made with a dense fabric . Cotton-based basic models are generally the most comfortable. But these may be too hot for spring and summer.

Finally concerning the color, the black tights, classic and available in several thicknesses, are often the softest and most comfortable but it should be noted that they are not suitable for all outfits . Fleece skin tights can also be combined very easily.

There are many models, different colors and different materials. The most practical model is the one that allows you to take off your shoe without disturbing your tights. There are also tights that slip into a specific shoe in order to remove the tights without removing the shoe.

What brand of tights should I buy?

The Oversized Hoodie® offers you the best quality of transparent fleece tights by offering you in its range, an unparalleled style, a slimming effect and a precious translucent effect for many of our customers! A superb accessory of femininity and seduction. Take a look at our tights.

In addition, the robustness of our fleece tights is unique: when you buy warm winter tights from us, you are sure to keep them for years!

The excellence of our know-how, the breadth of our range, our knowledge of fabrics and noble materials, allows us to offer you perfect products such as the wearable hoodie blankets, in order to get through the rigors of winter, at warm and full of sweetness.

How to choose women's tights?

The cut in tights

There are models that are very trendy and made for young women. There are also models made for an older class of women who want to adopt a new fashion . There are also models that can be suitable for all activities. The choice is vast and there are several models to be found on the market.

originality in fashion

Among the new models of tights, we also find the original "fantasy" tights with different patterns and colors. These are tights that are perfect for those who want to get noticed . Different patterns are offered on the funny tights and there is something for everyone. There are classic models as well as original models. These are perfect for those who want to get noticed. The original models are perfect for those who wish to adopt a different fashion.

The opacity of fleece tights

The pair of opaque tights with a fleece interior, as opposed to transparent tights, offers a perfect style with a skirt and pairs of navy blue or beige pumps. Opaque tights, large size or not, can also be worn under jeans trousers in winter or under your leggings with beautiful ankle boots.

The pair of opaque black tights, essential in every wardrobe and dressing room, is a fashion accessory suitable for everyday or professional occasions. Real thick tights, they accompany you every day.

The pair of nude tights and nude fleece tights, a real second skin, are also very popular in the women's tights, stockings and tights and lingerie category.

Which transparent tights to choose?

Tights can be terribly uncomfortable, especially in the winter. Especially when they are tight and your legs are moving all the time. A problem experienced by every woman. In fact, they can even make your clothes sexier. But if you suffer from synthetic materials or can't stand the contact of tights on your thighs, you can always opt for a cotton or wool model. If you have very thin thighs, you can even opt for thick cotton winter tights . It's easy to fall into the trap of buying the same pantyhose as every other woman.

You can opt for a flesh-colored or black and white product, or even a patterned model, such as a black and white network or a stripe pattern.

But if you want to be unique, you can choose colorful and even lace pantyhose for a sexy appearance. But beware ! You have to be comfortable with your body to wear sheer winter tights. If you have not very firm thighs and knees, this is a model that should be avoided. In addition, transparent tights will be most visible in short skirts. But if you are comfortable with your body, you can choose them in all colors and even thicknesses.

What should I do if my fleece tights slip?

To keep your tights from slipping, it's best to wrap them in compression stockings or non-slip tights . Anti-slip tights are very effective for women who tend to have heavy legs. If you want an invisible product, you can opt for spandex tights or transparent tights.

The latter are very practical for very short dresses, dresses that reveal the legs, transparent dresses and pleated skirts. Sheer pantyhose have the same effect as lace pantyhose and are usually flesh-colored or white pantyhose. You can also opt for a model with a contrasting color, especially in winter.

Trendy hot tights in 2022

Flesh-colored or white tights are very classy and remain very trendy. They are suitable for all outfits, all seasons, and can be worn in all situations.

Flesh-colored or skin-colored tights are the trendiest at the moment. The Oversized Hoodie® brand tights are perfect for day and night wear. The biggest advantage of flesh-colored tights is that you can pair them with any clothes you own, especially in the winter.

White tights are also very trendy at the moment. They match with all outfits, and can be worn on all seasons of the year. The white colored tights offer an elegant touch to outfits, and are perfect for parties where you can afford to be a little sexier.

How to choose the color of fleece tights?

What is the most elegant color of thick pantyhose?

The most elegant color, the one that goes with all outfits, is black or gray . We can add a light shade which we know goes with all the others. This will allow you to vary the style with several outfits.

What is the hardest winter tights color to wear?

The hardest colors to wear are the ones that don't go with your skin tone . For example, if you have red skin, you will need to be careful with pink, blue, and turquoise. These colors are not suitable and it is not necessary to put them.

It is well known that you should always dress according to your skin tone and not according to the colors you like. Might as well express your femininity with the right color, right?

What are the softest tights?

If you have sensitive skin, most tights are too harsh and cold. So, it is better to buy thick fleece-lined tights which are softer and more comfortable. The basic pantyhose models are often the softest. There are top quality tights like our brand The Oversized Hoodie® which are also very stylish.

In addition to the quality of the fabric, the quality of the thread must also be taken into account. The thread must be thin enough to avoid tearing. And then the yarn quality should be stable. The thread should not come undone easily. Tights that are thicker are the most comfortable. But these may be too hot for spring and summer. Cotton tights are generally very comfortable.

What's the best way to put on tights?

The best way to put on transparent pantyhose is to apply a water-based lubricant to the inside of the leg.

When is the best time to put on pantyhose?

The best time to wear fleece tights is in spring, fall and winter . A pair of fleece tights is particularly useful during these times of the year.

  • Our 80 gram thick product is perfect for spring and fall, down to 0°C.
  • Our 220 gram thick product is suitable for harsh winter conditions down to 10°C.
  • Our 300 gram thick product is suitable for more hostile climates down to -20°C.

What are the most elegant tights?

The most elegant tights are sheathing models, which wrap the legs perfectly . But it should be noted that tights that perfectly wrap the legs are not always the most comfortable. This is why it is necessary to make the right compromise between elegance and comfort.

What color tights for black skin?

The question of the color of tights for black skin is not trivial. Indeed, most women do not know that there are several different shades in which they can dress. If you wear black skin, you may have noticed that most people wear white, black, or gray tights . But if you want to stand out, you can make a little effort and try other colors like brown, red or blue.

Why not wear flesh-colored tights?

Where is the line between fashion, elegance and style, and how to wear clothes that show you off, while remaining elegant? The answer is simple: just wear flesh-colored tights. It may sound bold, but it's really quite elegant.

In the world of fashion, women must conform to trends that change with the seasons and new collections. But sometimes some trends are harder to follow than others. Thus, many people wonder why they should wear flesh-colored tights. But in reality, it's a matter of taste and not fashion. Moreover, the women who dare to wear flesh-colored tights are those who are the most comfortable with their style, displaying an elegance of their own.

Let us now explain to you why it is important to wear nude tights and in what ways you can use them. We will also present our models and our range of flesh-colored tights.


In fact, there are several reasons for a woman to want to wear nude tights. The first reason is that it allows you to be original. It is more difficult to end up with flesh-colored tights than black or white tights. This brings a touch of originality to the look, and sometimes elegance.

Embossed effect

The second reason is that this pair of tights gives a relief effect to the silhouette. Indeed, when wearing flesh-colored tights, you can choose darker clothes. This will give a relief effect because the upper body will appear to be darker. An effect to sometimes express a greater femininity.

Morphology and silhouette

The third reason is that most people don't dare to wear flesh-colored tights because of the color of their legs. It is true that flesh-colored tights highlight the legs. Unlike the black tights, the silhouette is therefore less refined, less slimmed down, and the morphology more obvious.

However, that doesn't mean you have to have perfect legs to wear nude tights. In fact, you only have to put yourself around a person who has decent legs with flesh-colored tights to see that it's not that bad.

Invisible pantyhose: complete guide

You should know that there are different models of invisible pantyhose, but all products that are suitable for all women.

The different types of invisible tights

Tights that are placed directly on the skin. They are not around the waist. It is a very simple product but is often used by our women customers who wear summer dresses with straps.

Visible tights that are put around the waist, like stockings. These models have a ribbed finish and are made for women who want to be sexy wearing dresses with straps.

Cloth tights that are also worn around the waist. These models are made for women who want to change the look of their outfit with invisible tights that are a little more sexy and functional.

Silicone tights that slip directly under the garment, without being tied at the waist. This type of tights hides skin imperfections, and is very effective for women with very white or very pale skin.

This is why it is important to choose a product that suits the morphology and condition of each woman's skin.

Invisible pantyhose: pros and cons

In this article you will find a list of different types of transparent products, and their advantages and disadvantages.

One advantage of hot tights is that they are very comfortable. You can wear them all the time, even for sports.

The transparent fleece tights are also very discreet. You can wear them in the summer, no problem, as they are invisible under clothing.

However, invisible pantyhose also have some disadvantages. For example, some models tear over time, and it's not always easy to tell when this is happening.

That's why it's important to check your warm tights every week, to make sure they aren't worn out.

Warm, soft tights also retain body heat, and may become uncomfortable in higher temperatures.

It is also important to choose a product that is adapted to your morphology. Pairs of invisible tights are not elastic, so it is important to choose the model that suits you.

Each woman has a different morphology, and a model that suits one will not necessarily suit the other.

Fleece tights by The Oversized Hoodie®

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