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We offer a collection of pajamas for women , men , children and babies in a wide variety of patterns and materials to suit all styles and budgets. Reduce

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Christmas pajamas for the whole family

Christmas Pajamas Sets for Adults: Men and Women

At The Oversized Hoodie we have a selection of stylish and casual Christmas pajamas for adults .

Our women's pajamas are available in soft materials such as cotton , velvet or flannel and feature original prints with Santa Claus , reindeer , fir trees or traditional tiles . They exist in one-piece or two-piece versions (top and bottom) to adapt to all body shapes .

As for men's pajamas , you will also find a wide choice of models in cotton or stretch polyester for maximum comfort . The prints are just as festive , with the addition of some humorous models with an offbeat tone.

Christmas pajamas for children: boys and girls

The little ones are not left out! We offer children's Christmas pajamas suitable for all age groups.

Children will find what they are looking for among our selection of Christmas pajamas or our fun models with funny characters . For older children, we also have humorous and original pajamas that will appeal to teenagers.

Pajama Options for Babies and Toddlers

At The Oversized Hoodie, also think about babies and toddlers when shopping for Christmas pajamas ! We offer models specially designed for their comfort.

For babies and toddlers , opt for a practical and comfortable onesie or jumpsuit in organic cotton . Long-sleeved bodysuits and footy pajamas will also make perfect Christmas gifts .

Then, the cuts are designed to offer maximum freedom of movement with integrated footed bottoms and long sleeves for optimal protection.

Finally, the patterns and colors are chosen to please parents and children: pastel , funny characters and animals, etc.

Enough to spend a comfortable and stylish Christmas night, even for the little ones!

Choosing the right material for your Christmas pajamas

When you buy Christmas pajamas , it is important to choose the fabric carefully to guarantee maximum comfort and softness .

Here are our recommendations for finding the ideal material :

  • Cotton is hypoallergenic and very soft in contact with the skin. It's a timeless basic that suits the whole family.
  • Corduroy and flannel provide warmth and softness. Perfect for winter evenings by the fire!
  • Microfiber or technical stretch fabrics like polyester offer maximum freedom of movement while regulating temperature.
  • For babies and children with sensitive skin, choose Oeko-Tex certified hypoallergenic natural materials such as organic cotton .

It's up to you to choose the fabric best suited to your desires for ultra cozy Christmas nights!

Why choose Christmas pajamas?

THE Christmas pajamas have become must-haves for the end-of-year celebrations. And for good reason ! In addition to being comfortable, they have many advantages.

  • First of all, Christmas pajamas allow you to get into the holiday spirit . With their traditional designs, they immerse the whole family in the magic of Christmas .
  • They are also ideal for souvenir photos and will take superb photos to immortalize these precious moments. The whole family dressed in Christmas pajamas guarantees successful photos!
  • Another asset: the affective and emotional dimension . Giving matching pajamas to your loved ones is a way of strengthening ties and sharing a special moment together.
  • Finally, Christmas pajamas are synonymous with absolute comfort . What's better to digest Christmas dinner and doze off in front of a good film?

So if you are still hesitant, know that Christmas pajamas will seduce you with their trendy, comfortable and unifying side. A must have to buy urgently!

Popular patterns: reindeer, Santa, tiles

Among the traditional prints and patterns that return every year on Christmas pajamas , we find:

  • Santa's reindeer , popular since the poem "A Visit from St. Nicholas" in which they pull his sleigh. They symbolize the magic of Christmas.
  • Santa Claus himself, recognizable by his hood, his white beard and his red hat. He embodies the spirit of Christmas and brings his gifts on the night of December 24.
  • Red and green tiles , traditional Christmas colors that have evoked the holiday for generations. They have an assumed retro side.
  • Snow-covered fir trees and other alpine decorations reminiscent of winter landscapes.
  • Snowflakes and snowmen which symbolize winter and the joys of playing in the snow.

Enough to find the perfect Christmas pajamas that match your tastes or your children's world!

Christmas Pajamas FAQ

How to choose the ideal size for Christmas pajamas?

To choose the right size Christmas pajamas , it is important to take into account your body shape and your preferences in terms of cut.

First, refer to the manufacturer's size guide to find your usual top and bottom size.

Then, depending on whether you want a close-fitting or looser model:

For a fitted look , take your usual size or just above

For a loose, relaxed fit , go 1 or 2 sizes larger

Finally, do not hesitate to take into account the composition of the fabric:

Stretch cotton or polyester offers more room to maneuver around the waist

Flannel or knit with little stretch mean you have to choose just the right one.

With these few tips, you will find the Christmas pajamas perfectly suited to your size for moments of absolute relaxation!

What is the best material for pajamas?

The best material for pajamas undoubtedly remains cotton , more precisely combed cotton .

This premium quality cotton is very soft to the touch, breathable, hypoallergenic and durable over time.

For maximum comfort , opt for combed cotton with at least 200 thread count and a weight between 140 and 170g/m2.

Où acheter un pyjama de Noël pas cher ?

Vous cherchez à offrir un pyjama de Noël sans vous ruiner ? Voici une astuce pour acheter malin : The Oversized Hoodie vous offre des pyjamas tendance à petit prix !

Notre boutique en ligne propose une large sélection de pyjamas de Noël pour toute la famille, avec régulièrement des promotions et soldes imbattables.

En commandant dès maintenant sur The Oversized Hoodie, vous êtes sûr de recevoir votre commande à temps pour Noël et de faire des économies sur vos achats des fêtes de fin d'année ! N'hésitez pas à consulter les avis de nos clients satisfaits.

What is your delivery policy?

At The Oversized Hoodie, we pride ourselves on making your life easier.

This is why we offer fast and free delivery from 49€ of purchases as well as a 30-day return service. You can therefore order your Christmas pajamas with complete peace of mind and receive them comfortably at home before New Year's Eve.

What fabric to make pajamas?

To make comfortable pajamas , we advise you to use soft and breathable materials such as cotton , cotton jersey or viscose .

These fabrics are hypoallergenic and pleasant even for sensitive skin or prolonged wear.

Why do we say pajamas?

The word “ pajamas ” comes from the Hindi “paejama” which means “garment for the legs”. It originally referred to loose pants worn in India. The term then evolved to define the night shirt and pants set.

It was popularized in Europe at the end of the 19th century by British colonists returning from India who adopted this garment for sleeping.

Who is the inventor who created pajamas?

Although its invention is often attributed to Indians, pajamas as we know them today were created in 1870 by an Englishman named Thomas Sullivan . This businessman and traveler brought this concept of loose-fitting sleepwear from the Indian subcontinent.

Back in London, he launched this new way of sleeping dressed more “decently” to the British elite. Sullivan can therefore be considered the father of modern pajamas.

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